My best friend’s murder: Anisa Matthews 1971-2000

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Anisa was my best friend from the first day of kindergarten, and was murdered in her home by a stalker on July 1, 2000 while she was attending art school in a horrific blitz attack. I talked about her in episode 11. Today is the 21st anniversary of her death. I talked about her in the above episode, episode 11.

The first day of kindergarten, I entered a little late, because I was so small I had struggled to open the front door of the school, with its menacing metal pushbar. Circle was just forming. To most kids, that would be no big deal, but I was crushingly shy, and I stopped in the doorway, unable to move. My teacher smiled at me, and opened her mouth to speak, but this little pixie firecracker with long, dark hair beat her to it. As clear as a bell, her voice rang out across the criss-cross-applesauce circle of children, and changed my life.

“C’mere! You belong here next to me!”

And that’s how I met my best friend.

On July 1, she was beaten to death by a stalker who blitz-attacked her in her own home. Firecracker to the end, she injured him, too, nearly severing his thumb, which is how he was caught–
When he limped home, mangled from the mauling from Anisa’s life force, his family knew he had done something horrible and took him to the police station, for which I will be forever grateful.

But her story is not his.

“When I was eight I had a friend with a pirate’s smile” —Cyndi Lauper, “Sally’s Pigeons”

Facebook post one year on the anniversary
me, my dachshund Baron, and Anisa at the beach house at Surfside Beach, South Carolina

the original website entry for episode 11

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