Noises in the morgue

…or, all was not quiet in the Vollmer kitchen post-exorcism. Remember, she sat in Australian summer heat, with no air-conditioning, in a closed kitchen, for two days, while the group responsible for her death prayed and waited for her resurrection.

By the way, corpses fart.

Yes, yes they do. A lot. They also moan. And more. Much, much more.
And the smell. The noises and the smell. Have you ever smelled something so horrid that your body took over and you involuntarily vomited? Okay, worse than that. Now, let me point out that these fine “exorcists” continued to sit at the kitchen table with Joan’s corpse in that hot, still kitchen while she putrified for two days? It was over a hundred degrees outside, and just imagine the size of the average family’s small kitchen table…
That is a fucking horror show. There’s no way to soft-pedal it. Matthew Nuske, his momma Kath, Ralph Vollmer, Leanne Reichbach, David Klingner, Leah Clugston…ghouls.
Even the Paranormal Guide calls shenanigans on these peeps. People who are inclined to see the paranormal in questionable events, who really, really want to have the reason be demonic/occult/paranormal, called bullshit. Yep.
Oh, and one more note: Let us close this chapter in Australia with a quote from the prosecutor, Peter Jones.

They had no consideration for Christianity, they went right past that. They were on a frolic of their own and an unlawful frolic.

cue corpse fart
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