November 22

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Originally posted on my book blog, 8:46 AM 22 NOVEMBER 2013:


A Bouvier till her wedding day
Shots rang out
The police came
Mama laid me on the front lawn
And prayed for Jackie’s strength
Feeling old by 21
Never thought my day would come…

Make me laugh
Say you know what you want
You said we were the real thing

So I show you some more and I learn
What black magic can do
Make me laughjackielaugh
Say you know you can turn
Me into the real thing
So I show you some more
And I learn…
You’re only popular with anorexia
So I turn myself inside out
In hope someone will see…

I got lost on my wedding day
Typical, the police came
But virgins always get backstage
No matter what they’ve got to say
If you love enough you’ll lie a lot
Guess they did in Camelot
Mama’s waiting on my front lawn I pray
I pray
I pray
For Jackie’s strength

Make me laugh
Say you know what you want

You said we were the real thing
So I show you some more and I learn

Jackie’s Strength, by Tori Amos

If you could stop Kennedy‘s assassination, would you? Should you?: 11/22/63  * Stephen King

Snopes: Fauxtography: JFK and Marilyn

Want to twist your brain around the grassy knoll this American holiday week? Have some fun with Jesse Ventura and Richard Belzer:

They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to As

Hit List: An In-Depth Investigation into the Mysterious Deaths of Witnesses to the JFK Assassination

UFOs, JFK, and Elvis: Conspiracies You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Believe — this book is a hoot. Excellent for hiding inside and thus avoiding family Thanksgiving drama.

Think this presidential assassination is the event horizon for humor? Lewis Black thought so, and then…
The joke is in his memoirs, Nothing’s Sacred, and, to hear him tell it himself, you can listen to the audio version from Audible. Note: this is the only time you will ever receive a trigger warning from Mr. Black.

I feel a little bad about that play on words.


Kennedy casual wedding portrait


"I got lost on my wedding day...feeling old by 21"
“I got lost on my wedding day…feeling old by 21…. Say you know you can turn me into the real thing So I show you some more and I learn…”



  1. This was initially a book blog post about King’s 11/22/63. Then it was intended to morph into a Dollop post: JFK’s infidelity rumors, conspiracy theories about his assassination.
    But Jackie tapped me on the shoulder, very politely, like a lady.
    I think, for the first time, I understand her position as a stateswoman before anything else, owned by the people, her wranglers, her husband’s wranglers. Little Jackie got lost somewhere–or could have. I think somewhere, deep inside, she held on to her self, and kept her self private, even from the Kennedy patriarchy. That’s Jackie’s strength.

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