Our Dead and Our Unwell

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Carla. Wants. One.
The dead and the presumed dead: Sometimes we honor them, sometimes we desecrate their remains, sometimes we use their remains for our own entertainment. Sometimes we even eat them. Yep.

Transorbital lobotomy illlustrationThe unwell: Sometimes we help them, sometimes we hide them away, sometimes we use them for our own entertainment…and sometimes, we let some creepy guy who lives in a van, down by the river, poke them in the eye with an icepick so that they will shut the hell up and let us finish the night shift in peace.

And more entries in the blog. . .

Dead and Unwell tags:
abusing the dead, attempted murder, bad medicine, body-snatching, cemetery gun, coffin gun, exorcism, grave-robbing, grave torpedo, how we bury our dead, human experimentation, ingesting the dead, surgery for an audience, wearing dead animals
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