It really is all connected

Yesterday, after I finished the SWAT and Rampart LAPD entries, and the SLA entry, and tying them together, and tying the Watts riot’s causes to Ferguson‘s causes, I made the perhaps inappropriate choice to decompress by watching season 1 of True Detective.

I know, I know. Way to practice self-care. I am intelligent, but often not wise, especially when it comes to myself.

However, I’m glad I made that seemingly foolish choice, because my strange who-are-the-good-guys day ended with this quote, from Detective Rust Cohle:

Of course I’m dangerous. I’m police. I can do terrible things with impunity.

The horrible, beautiful balance of civilization teeters right there on that one fragile word: can. Potentiality without intentionality. Razor’s-edge balance.

Baltimore, 2015
19: Ferguson
Kent State 1970
National Guard at Kent State University
Students, Kent State University

I shall be funnier and lighter tomorrow, I promise. I have more information to report on the dolphin sex saga. Ball, ball, diamond, diamond, ball!

‘Night, chickies. Stay safe, and be just a little bit better to each other tonight than necessary.

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