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I may earn money from the participating companies linked in this post: (supporting my nearby independent bookstore Bluebird & Co, in Crozet, VA) and/or Audible. My podcast is sponsored by Audible and Care/Of.

My Kindle Fire, Sexton (as in Anne), is my first Android device. I had not settled on a podcast app…and I think I just did.

cue stock footage of heavens opening, children’s choirs singing

Podcast Addict lets you use it as an full-service feed reader: podcasts, YouTube channels, RSS…which is super nifty, because the search is really powerful in that regard. The first search result for “dollop” is, duh, the podcast. The second is the RSS feed for the website, complete with libsyn episode enclosures as mp3s. So you know when I post to the website, and you can snag a backup copy of an episode the right way, via libsyn, making that click and download count. Yay, you! Yay, us!




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  1. Avatar for Chris Pope Chris Pope

    I’d like to reccomend the story of accidental vehicular man slaughterer/Folk hero Nazi spy slayer, Sam Lichtman.
    In 1941, Sam was driving his cab when a man stepped from the curb abruptly, and was hit and killed by Sam.
    Later, witnesses will report to the police that the dead man was arguing with another man before trying to quickly cross the street. The second man secured the dead man’s briefcase and fled the scene.
    To be brief, the dead man was discovered to be a Nazi spy leader, and large amounts of Allied war info was found in his hotel room.
    All 8 accomplishes were located and sentenced.
    The grand irony is Lichtman may have been of Jewish decent, and accidentally thwarted a major Nazi spy network.
    Hope you find the story as fascinating as I did.
    I found out about it when I was reading a book called The Black Angel, by John Connolly.
    Big fan of your work. Looking forward to your visit to Utah!

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