Interlude: Internet as Greek Tragedy

aka, Carla had too much coffee before having food. Enjoy the clash of caffeine silliness and classical education, won’t you?

The Internet, One Act Greek Tragedy

Chorus one: I fervently care about event A!

Chorus two: Caring fervently about event A means you don’t care enough about event B!

Chorus three: Chorus A is going to hell, and we have written a mocking meme about it!

Chorus four: It’s they’re, not there!

Hero: Fatal flaw, fatal flaw, I can’t see my fatal flaw!

All: <sing chorus of Alanis’ “Ironic“>

<thunder as all on stage freeze: the Dark Web briefly rises from the orchestra pit, menacing porn music blends with the thunder, thunder and music fade as Dark Web descends again>

Random member of Chorus one: Look, kittens!

Random member of Chorus two: Look, someone over there needs to be shamed! Attack in a pack!

Random member of Chorus three: 93 percent of my friends won’t share this, I know who will…

Hero: I am injecting something thoughtful, kind, and funny, and only four people noticed.

<The intro to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” swells, getting louder and louder as the Reddit mascot runs onstage, and tackles Hero. The lights lower as the music gets louder, and the chorus confusedly mingles in chaos.>



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