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via Instagram Arlo the staffie pit, Ellie’s older brother.
A story of a book:

I found out recently, after ten-plus years of having our dogs, Arlo Guthrie and Ellie Mae, that the folk singer Woody Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie’s father, wrote one novel, about a couple struggling during the Dust Bowl.

The female protagonist in the novel was named Ella May.

We didn’t name Ellie. She came to us named.

#synchronicity is real.

If you’re interested, it’s House of Earth, written in 1947, and you can buy it here and support independent bookstores:

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via Instagram Independence Day.

Ellie (the dachshund) was in the hospital this week for two nights. She still has to go back to the vet on Monday, and to the cardiologist, and she’s on a bunch on meds, but she is feeling better, acting more like herself, and she’s home. Things are chaotic out that window, but the babes are home and safe. Arlo has his sister by his side. All is well.

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There Might Be Cupcakes: Episode 9: Family Trees

In which Carla climbs her family trees and shakes out all the delicious nuts. This is going to be a fun ride and a tasty feast.

subjects: true crime, KKK, Nazis, WWII, familial relationships, WWI, the Sedition Act, Clarence Darrow, and that time my great-x3-grandfather, Senator Richard Franklin Pettigrew, gave the finger to the Sedition Act with the help of Clarence Darrow

My great-great-great grandfather Richard Franklin Pettigrew, Senator R. F. Pettigrew from South Dakota, reason behind the scandal of the “Pettigrew Indictment”

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