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Spreaker Prime has been a godsend for me. They pay for my hosting, and place ads that generate further revenue for me. As a small-time indie podcaster, that is wonderful. But not every listener appreciates having to listen to even my minimal ads (I place the minimum required for the length of each episode, with you in mind first). So I decided to upload each episode to Patreon, starting with the latest episode first, Four Cupcakes, the anniversary episode, and going backwards. Then I will add each episode as I also upload it to Spreaker; that way, the feed will be in order.

So far, I have uploaded 69, 68, 67, the lost Halloween episode 27 in its entirety, and my segment alone from 27, so I have uploaded all of 2021. I am also uploading the scripts of each episode as I go along, so that I can catch up on scripts as well.

All you need to do to listen ad-free as a patron is snag your personal RSS feed, and paste it into your podcatacher application. Here’s Patreon’s step-by-step explanation, and here’s an instructional video for adding an RSS feed into most popular podcatchers:

Not a patron? Here you go, and I appreciate your support more than I can express! At one dollar a month, you receive all of the scripts, and at three, you receive the ad-free episodes and more.

Join Patreon, and download ad-free episodes and episode scripts, and more! Become a Patron!

Patreon: So many plans! So many cupcakes!

So many plans! Not for me–for us! So, if you please

Why? Glad you asked!

There Might Be Cupcakes Podcast Patron Announcement from Carla Hufstedler on Vimeo.

podcast plans: cupcake costume
I’m doing this whole podcast preparation thing right, right? Next step is costumes?

Want even more information before you decide to invest? No problem!:

Podcast Episodes

About Me, Myself, and Cupcakes

So thank you, lovelies! And yes, 1 dollar per month helps immensely. Truly.

Thank you! (and you, and you)

We just finished our first full month together. I have been here since the end of March, but, until the middle of June, it was me, alone, in my creepy basement lab. Thank you for letting me out. I like it out here with the sane people.

Thank you to the nice Rubes who clicked through to Amazon from this site before doing their regular shopping. You helped pay for hosting expenses! Paying expenses keeps me out of the basement, and I love you for it. I like being around the other people. I get to write silly things about the silly things Dave and Gareth say, and occasionally write my own silly things.

I’m a glorious wordsmith at saying stuff and junk.

Greg Behrendt, Walking the Room

And within all this silliness, I get to assist two really kind, talented guys using my own tools.

I love you Rubes. Momma Carla loves you. Here’s your present: a very early picture of my writing on my Mac 512. Every time I receive a wee bit of renevue, I shall give you a embarrassing-myself present such as this.

So if you want more of this awkwardness, and more growth of the site, with means more awesome for you Rubes, these are the ways to help:

  • First off, Join the forums! Play with meeeeeee. I am creating forums that can only be accessed by members, because reasons. I want to try to coordinate with Patreon, if they have the capability, to create a tier of forums for Patreon donors.
  • Comment on articles, because Rubes talk to each other, yo. Every time I receive a comment that is not spam, I cry a beautiful diamond tear that becomes a fairy, and that is how fairies are born, from my happy tears. Don’t you believe in fairies anymore?
  • Come say hey there hi there ho there before going to Amazon‘s main page and buy whatever you like.
  • Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks— I have been a member since 2007, and I love them so so much.
  • click on any book, documentary, or music link from any given entry, and then either buy it or something else from Amazon or iTunes (which includes iBooks, the App Store, even Podcasts, which are free free free)
  • or…Buy Me A Coffee at
  • . Caffeine means hyperactivity means more site activity.

Using the money for…

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