Thank you, Slovakia and the Czech Republic!

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I am finishing up the details on the current episode’s script, and signed up for a chart-tracking service when I remembered to stop and stretch and take my meds. I am so glad I did, because doing so I learned that I am in the top charts in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia! Not in my category but overall. I am honored and humbled, and wanted to make certain to send you guys some major love as well. Thank you for listening, so very, very much. It always catches me by surprise to find I have devoted fans—I’m just this partially-homebound and book-obsessed woman who loves to find out how stories are connected. Thank you from the bottom of my strange heart. Many more stories coming this year—on a much more regular schedule, thanks to upcoming improvements in my health care. Yay Slovakia and hooray for the Czech Republic! #shoutouts #slovakia #czechrepublic #theremightbecupcakes #podcastlove #ladypodcasters #horrorpodcast #truecrimepodcast #bookpodcast #literaturepodcast #chronicillnesspodcast #chronicpainpodcast #spooniepodcast #spooniepodcaster #zebrapodcaster #zebrapodcast #ladypodcastsquad #underdogpods #beyourownheroine #podcastcharts #ApplePodcasts #ApplePodcastscharts @applepodcasts

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