The Dollop Episode List 2014

  1. Cliven Bundy
  2. Purity Balls
  3. Competitive Endurance Tickling
  4. Ghosts
  5. Hugh Glass
  6. The Tank Chase
  7. Vampire Panic
  8. The Dolphin
  9. The Pendragon
  10. The Jackson Cheese
  11. Lobotomy
  12. The Rube
  13. Colonial Teeth
  14. Carry A Nation
  15. Ten Cent Beer Night
  16. The Two Daredevils
  17. Rainbow Man
  18. The Chameleon
  19. Ferguson
  20. David Hahn
  21. William Walker
  22. Acharya Rajneesh
  23. The Willie Dee
  24. John Africa
  25. The Two Dog Men
  26. Bernhard Goetz
  27. Oofty Goofty
  28. The Talk Board
  29. The Pinto
  30. The Taxidermist
  31. Jack Parsons
  32. The Leatherman
  33. The Stomach Men
  34. Dan Burros
  35. Thanksgiving
  36. Kentucky Meat Shower
  37. AC/DC
  38. Balloonfest
  39. LAPD: The Beginning
  40. LAPD Part 2: The James Davis Years
  41. Samuel Whittemore
  42. LAPD Part 3: SWAT
  43. Pulgarasi
  44. LAPD Part 4: Rampart
  45. Lobster Boy

onwards to 2015…

Plan of the harbor of Norfolk and Portsmouth, March 1st, 1861


  1. Dittimus rex

    I’m a bit confused about the mattress/ghost situation because in the jersey shark episode you said they put ghost in the mattresses but in a more recent episode you claimed they removed all the ghosts.
    I demand closure on this topic!
    Thank you

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