The Giving of Thanks

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Tomorrow, in the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving, which, if you are a diligent listener and reader, isn’t what what we were taught. Let’s get that part over with so I can get to the mushy part.

The first actually took place in Jamestown in 1610: info and timeline at the Library of Congress

Also, the Plymouth dinner was not cute. Not Charlie Brown (although Franklin’s sitting by himself on one side of the ping pong table might be a tiny nod to the real story), and not kids’ pageants at school. I won’t rehash it all here, I’ll just leave this little link to episode 35 here, in all its racist, chaotic glory. Damn it, white people.

Okay, carnage and ranting about whitewashing of history books over. Now for the actual gratitude, Momma Carla, Dollop librarian style. Let’s do this.

I am thankful for every single Rube that reads this site, comments here, follows the site’s Facebook page, follows me on Twitter, listens to the podcast, supports me, supports Dave and Gareth and their well-earned careers.

I am thankful for every Rube that has taken the time to say hello to me, who has thanked me for my site work and my hyping of the podcast. A special shoutout to Matt, who followed up a comment I made on The Dollop’s Facebook page about a guy suing himself (yep) to tell me that the podcast fans are a quiet bunch, but y’all do love me and appreciate me. Matt, I screen-captured that, and stashed in my bad day pile for a quick pickmeup. Better than any emergency kitten picture. Thank you so much.

Best Friend Joshua also praised me the site recently by saying it is what Wikipedia should be and isn’t–it tells you where to go for scholarly information, and then tells you what you really want, the juicy bits. I hold that as more of a future goal than a truth, but I am still humbled and grateful. Thank you, my dear.

I am thankful that, through this podcast and this site, I have made new friends, such as anotherMatt :), and Chad and his mom, Jennifer. Let’s not forget, of course, the mighty gryphon Greg Behrendt, whom I get to hug and scarf (yes, I made up a verb) next month.

I am thankful–and humbled–by every clickthrough to Amazon through the books and movies (do you want to know more?) I recommend; every little bit helps; by the donations I have received through my Paypal tip jar and my buy me a coffee link recently (so humbled). I am even more humbled by the shares of and donations to my gofundme. See, I fight fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome every day, and, sometimes they get the best of me. It’s hard to write and be funny through crushing fatigue and vertigo. That’s why I am behind on episodes–I am so sorry. I am working on a scheduling system so that I can pound them out when I feel well, and have then on deck ready to go when I don’t. But, see, that’s also why I am so grateful that I have this website. I don’t get paid to manage and write for this site, but then againI do: it gives me purpose and structure, and an outlet…and a community. Some weeks I am not able to leave the house–but, through history, and writing, and visiting with you guys and making you happy, I get to travel the world, no matter how my body behaves.

Oh, and since I haven’t mentioned baseball lately: I’m grateful that Willie Mays received the Medal of Freedom. That’s badass.

Finally, I am immensely grateful to Dave and Gareth for accepting my offer to do this site on the cusp on their first Australian trip. They trusted me with their names and their brand. I will never forget showing Dave the existing, and hidden from the public, website, waiting nervously for the verdict, (he is not going to think I am funny) and receiving the highest praise: “I have no notes.”

Thank you, Dave. Thank you, Gareth. Thank you, new friends. Thank you, Rubes.

Oofty goofty! Let’s eat.


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