A Hall of Fame Page Worthy of the Mighty Rube

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I went hunting for the two documentary shorts listed for Rube in the IMDb, but could not find them. If you have better luck, please let me know. I would love to see him in action, and be able to share him with all and sundry:

Rube Waddell and the Champions Playing Ball with the Boston Team (1902)
Game of Base Ball (1903)

I checked the Baseball Hall of Fame, in hopes that the footage had been archived by them, and found that they had updated their site, and their updated page for Rube is lovely:

12: Rube Hall of Fame page
photograph: Philadelphia Athletics pitching great Rube Waddell poses for photographer Charles Conlon at New York’s Hilltop Park, September 19, 1905

How cute is that photo? See that darker shirt under his uniform? I bet dollar to doughnuts that it’s red, fireman red. Don’t you?

Rube Waddell: The Zany, Brilliant Life of a Strikeout Artist * Alan H. Levy

Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns (Includes the Tenth Inning)

Smithsonian: 19th century American fire pumpers

Listen to the episode: episode 12: Rube Waddell

Baseball history page


  1. The only motion pictures of Rube in action of which I’m aware were the cineographs of “Pop” Lubin in 1902-03. Unfortunately, those were destroyed in the explosion and fire at Lubin’s plant, ironically in the same year as Rube’s passing (1914).

    • Several warring reactions: Oh, no! and thank you! and rubewaddell.net! So glad to see you, and thank you for this. I’m going to toss up a quick link entry to point people to your site, because Dollop listeners love the Rube. Love. There’s been chatter recently that a group of Dollop listeners and/or staff together should be called a Rube, or a group of Rubes. 🙂 Looking forward to checking out your site.
      If you haven’t read the original post with the episode, I grew up with the Brother Most Likely to Be Rube Waddell, but it was basketball. I recently played the episode for my mom, and after she was done gagging from laughing so hard, she said, “That’s your brother, Eric, all right.” Spooky accurate ball-playing, never tired, accurate as hell…unless there was a fire truck, dump truck, police car, or puppy. Easy to please, hard to get focused (if the topic wasn’t basketball). 🙂

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