I have only slept 2 hours of the last 24, so this entry will lack context, cohesion and tags until later, and is brought you by Ambien and the Sandman.

When Dave and I were tweens or so, Gareth being a little younger, the movie WarGames taught one simple lesson that we humans never seem to get right on the test. When it comes to such games,

the only way to win is not to play.

Does that mean go back to putting daisies into gun barrels? Absolutely not. It means do not engage violent endgames with your own violent endgame, death for death.

That’s all I know, Rubes. Blowing any group off the face of this planet is not the solution to anything. We are all family. If you are reading this, I love you, not matter how ornery you are on the net or in real life.

Go watch the movie with a warm blanket in a safe place with someone you love and trust, and have a good think. We could all use a good warm blanket cuddle-think about right now.

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