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Dave: God, you want a little hit of dude?
Gareth: I’ll do one bump.
Dave: People say this is funny?
Gareth: Not Gary, Gareth. Dave, okay!
Dave: Something or someone is tickling people.
Gareth: Is it for fun?
Dave: And this is not going to become a tickling podcast.
Gareth: O-kay.
Dave: You are Queen Fakey of Made-up Town.
Gareth: All hail Queen Shit of Liesville!
Gareth: A bunch of religious virgins go to mingle and–
Dave: –do what?
Gareth: –pray?!
Finn, coming home from school: Hi, Gary.
Dave: Nicely done, my friend.
Gareth: No, NO., NO!

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Episode Catalogs:

By TypeBy Time
Dollops: longer than one hourrecorded in 2014
Smollops: shorter episodes, just right for a quick commute or lunch breakrecorded in 2015
Live: episodes recorded before an audience, usually with a guestrecorded in 2016
Snippets: Posts outside the episode canon, created by Carlarecorded in 2017

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