The Dollop: Carla Hufstedler

With all the true crime, weird history, psychology, and horror books that I own, I will be investigated after my death as a possible serial killer.

The Dollop is the House That Dave and Gareth Built. I helped to turn one of the rooms into a rather nice (if I do say so, and I do) and quirky library and receiving room for guests. I stock the library and receive, as it were, the guests. Not my house, never my house, but some of the books are mine, and I definitely chose that rug.

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Throwback Thursday: “You’ll know it is time to turn the page when you hear the chime, like this.”
I love this photo for three reasons: the headphones–I look like I’m dropping beats, or working for NASA; I love any picture of my reading as a child; and, the already-visible EDS. You can see the Hypermobility in my oddly-turned ankle and in the unnatural way I am holding the headphones.
Also: is that a dress or the tiniest pantsuit ever?
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