Carla: About Me, 1-1-2016

CarlaThe Dollop is an American history podcast by Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds. They have entrusted its digital home,, to me. Foolish mortals.
I envision my role as such: Dave and Gareth built and own the house; I have stocked and maintain the rambling mansion’s library, and host the parties thrown in said library.
I balance a kind and hypersensitive heart with a wicked sense of humor, meaning I can write, as I did for the episode 119 website entry, “Mutiny on the High Vaginal Seas! aka You and Your Barber-Surgeon”, and yet be careful to never mock a person for the essence of who they are as a human on this planet.
I have fibromyalgia and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: Hypermobility Type, but they don’t have me. My chronic illnesses are not an open secret. Questions are welcome. The basic breakdown is pain, vertigo, fatigue, weakness, and the danger of dislocation. Yes, I am in constant pain, about a 3 or 4 on the universal pain scale. I think that might make me an honorary superhero, at least a mutant. Yes, those wicked multi-joint silver rings I wear are actually braces, to keep my fingers from hyperextending.

Yes, I will show you what my fingers hyperextending looks like; it’s kinda cool looking. Yes, I have good days and bad, and I have learned to fake normal through the pain, so that I am not an insufferable maudlin ass, so my presentation can be confusing. “But you don’t look sick” just means I am doing my best to not get my pain, vertigo, fatigue, and various other symptoms all over your good time. A good day for me is most likely a day you might consider taking as a sick day from work.

More information than you may ever want:
I am a voracious reader. That’s a huge part of why is such a perfect fit for me. My best friend says that the website is what the inside of my brain must look like–silliness, facts, randomness, and unexpected connections, peppered with perky profanities and  bouncy exclamations along the lines of “Oh, my God! Did you know that–” It should be a surprise to no one that I apparently spontaneously began to read before the age of two, in my pediatrician’s office. Witnesses!
I was a kid in the ’70’s and a preteen and teenager in the ’80’s. That should tell you all you need to know about my musical, movie and tv tastes, and my hangups.
I have one of those really loud laughs. I do not enjoy life halfway. I devour books and information. If I love you, I am enthusiastic about my love, and why not? Life on this rock is cold and short. Come here and get another hug, damn it! And I laugh from the bottom of my soul, one of those room-stoppers guaranteed to either irritate or induce others to laugh. My laugh is as dorky as I am, wouldn’t want it any other way. But it is an odd accessory for a shy introvert. Further proof that God has a sense of humor.
social media:
Instagram: carlahaunted (from a nickname from a best friend–Carla is an anagram for Clara, you see…)
Pinterest: hauntedcarla
Pinterest board for /hauntedcarla/thedollopnet
Facebook: (if you friend me, please add a message that you’re a Dollop fan, etc., so I know what’s what 🙂 )
Twitter: carlahaunted
Soundcloud: Carla@theDollop, where I store spoken word (don’t know a better term) I have done for this website

–My first knitting in a long time was done for the coolest Friend of the Dollop to kick cancer’s ass in the same year. Booyah.

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