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There Might Be Cupcakes Podcast

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About Me, Myself, and Cupcakes

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This is how long I have been working on this podcast.

Hi, I’m Carla. I’m a 49-year-old disabled writer. (50 on February 16th!) I live on a mountain in the Appalachian range, in the section known as the Blue Ridge in the state of Virginia, right on the edge of the George Washington National Forest. The latter makes the Missing 411 phenomenon extra spooky.

The official (read: written by me, I’m the only one here) podcast description for There Might Be Cupcakes gives a lot of information about my shenanigans here:

Carla is: a bookdrunkard, a 40-something with psychology and counseling degrees with post-grad work in grief/loss/trauma, sex crimes, and forensic anthropology.

a former freelance journalist and counselor, who is never bored.

a disabled introvert who sees connections everywhere–like John Nash, only less math-y.

a knitting fidget who loves horror movies with a skewed passion.

Like one of her heroes, Harriet the Spy, she wants to learn everything and write in all down (more likely than not in her bullet journal).

Join her (and sometimes her friends) in her strange library as she INFJs everything from unused angles.

It’s going to get weird in the best way. Let’s play.

I release right now as my health allows. I post a website entry for each episode, with more information, photographs, and suggested reading for that particular episode, and the available stream and downloadable MP3 for that episode. I will post additional posts from my Instagram, my Pinterest, and from anything topical that catches my interest and I think might interest you throughout each week.

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Disability and Chronic Illness

My disabilities are Ehlers-Danlos, Hypermobility Type; POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome); MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome); and fibromyalgia. Basically, the collagen in all twelve systems of my body is damaged, my blood pressure is not stable with a sudden change in posture (hard sneeze, laughing, standing up), my body thinks I am allergic to the world, and everything hurts all the time. My body is my frenemy.

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Finally…why cupcakes?

My friend, Greg Behrendt, (website tag) has a comedy routine about how he would do unpleasant things for cake, and that anywhere you go, there might be cake. Well, cupcakes are all that and more: portable, equal, fancier…and so much more. The title represents sharing, hope, whimsy…and here’s Greg’s routine. Enjoy, and always remember there might be cupcakes.

Need to contact me?

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Carla Pettigrew Hufstedler

1137 Little Piney Road

Roseland, VA 22967

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And thank you immensely, just for listening and visiting! I love my listeners, every one. Just your lending me your ears every episode makes me so very happy, more than I can express.

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About The Dollop Dot Net

Yes, I am that Carla who created and wrote for The Dollop podcast’s first official website. The content is all still here; I own it because I created and wrote it. You can find it all under the tag The Dollop. The category structure is still the same, it’s just under this domain now. Basically I was not ever compensated nor treated very nicely; that’s the best and kindest way to put it. Never even gifted swag for years of work and traffic driven to the podcast, then I found out that one of the gentlemen, when under serious pressure, lied to get out of it and said they did not have a website. So I stopped writing for them, and let the domain go. I don’t ever deal with lying. My name is too important to me. But I am very proud of the quite funny work I turned out for them, so it’s here. So see that little small print colophon down there? It’s the truth. No work on this site or on my podcast is plagarized–it’s all my own original work unless cited or quoted. I didn’t graduate a rigorous master’s program from Boston University for nothin’. I was taught how to write for the public, and how to handle such. So you can trust my words in your headphones and on these pages are mine. Let’s shake on it.

The new and original category structure, all making friends, are listed in their hierarchy down below in the footer, next to the most common tags in a cloud. Have fun and hang around.

colophon: All content in podcast and on website not held in copyright by others copyright 2017-2021 Carla Pettigrew Hufstedler. All rights reserved.

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