Episode 136: Dollop: Bayou of Pigs

I mean, look, if I’m on the second paragraph of a Dollop and I say “He liked cats”, that’s never going to fucking go well.


Lonely Planet/Spain/Granada — so pretty, leave it alone, ‘Murica

Lonely Planet/Caribbean/Dominica –even prettier, stop it

Okay, once again, I get to run my Doc Brown routine, put on my Hawaiian shirt–maybe my lab coat, and stab my fingers through my hair until it stands on end, because I am right, everything’s connected:

here’s another American asshole trying to be king of the hill and take over an island. Reference: The Polygamist King, Mr. Episode 148 

Everything’s connected, Marty!

But wait, there’s more! KKK all over the place…let’s give a moist, limp hoo.ray. In our past:


Rastafari, which, yes, is one of the Abrahamic religions:

When most people hear the word “Rastafari,” they think of men with dreadlocks, of smoking ganja, and of men with dreadlocks smoking ganja. Basically, they think of Bob Marley. In fact, Rastafari is a very serious philosophy that takes much direction from the Bible. While there are some people who claim to be Rastafari just as an excuse to do drugs, there are many true believers, and the public idea of them is often quite inaccurate:

Listverse: 10 Things to Know About Rastafari Beliefs

origin of dreadlocks at jamaicans.com


Bayou Of Pigs: The True Story of an Audacious Plot to Turn a Tropical Island into a Criminal Paradise * Stewart Bell

‘Cause sometimes, you just wanna tear other peoples’ playhouses down and be gangsters. Nothing wrong with that, amirite?

facepalm. Ai yi, excessive testosterone. We Americans gotta learn to play in our own backyards, and play nicely.

Grenada Voice Shutdown 1981: The Grenada Chronicles * Grenada National Museum, edited by Ann Elizabeth Wilder
Coke Factory Strike 1979: The Grenada Chronicles * Grenada National Museum, edited by Ann Elizabeth Wilder


2005: Wolfgang Droege White Supremacist who Tried to Overthrow Dominica’s Government is Shot to Death


Soldier of Fortune Guide How to Become a Mercenary * Barry Davies

rant disclaimer: I loves me some menfolk. Ain’t no misandry in The Dollop. *deep breath* Hold on, here we go– See, here’s the fucking problem why is this a thing?! Don’t encourage bros to sit at home, half-naked at home, stuck to their Barcalounger, double-fisting Cheetos and beer, thinking that they could be a one man take-stomp-shoot-fuck machine! Do you know how fragile the balance between savage lizard brain and civilized brain is? Have you not seen Altered States or The Accused? Deliverance? Lord of the pigsticking Flies? What the fuck is wrong with you?


(Actual Bay of Pigs)


Band names from this episode:

  • Prime Minister Bikini
  • Baby Ape
  • Regular Dreams From the Days Inn
  • White Power Collar Crime
  • Louisiana Dark Goblin

Cultural references from this episode:

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