Episode 31: Christmas Cupcakes

We took a lot of pictures at Christmas when I was young, for which I am so grateful. This is the dress I wore for my kindergarten school picture, so I am most likely five here—so 1977 is a best guess. From what I can tell, Dad is unwrapping something leathery, either new shoes or Isotoner gloves. The seventies and eighties were all about some Isotoner driving gloves. Squint and you can see our bright orange kitchen.

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Original Barbie Dream House: this image from this wonderful retrospective Good Housekeeping article is the one I am speaking of in this podcast episode. I also had the earlier one with the elevator, but that one was apparently easier to assemble, because putting it together did not require lying to a small child about Santa’s arrival. 😀

Silly Putty at Crayola.com

Original Star Wars figurines from A New Hope, made by Kenner

Above is the photo I referenced of me and Mom, which I received the Barbie carrying case and remember having to be all grown-up and responsible with my new tiny Barbie accessories—look how tiny I was! Our household was full of love and very special but also very stressful. But this picture is also striking for how Mom is looking at me, like I was her entire world.

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