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Y’all know I know from faulty hosting. I still have PTSD from the two prior moves this first year.
SiteGround is different. The website has found its home. I get speedy responses to tickets, I get to communicate the way want to, by phone, chat, or email, and I am not constantly being bothered with advertisement emails and pleas to upgrade. They trust me to be an intelligent adult, but will explain it like I am five years old if I ask them to. (I did, once, and they were splendid about it.)

So, here’s the deal. SG is offering a special migration deal until September 11:

*Free migration of your website by our experts to save you hassle;
–they did this for the dollop dot net, and it was a remarkably speedy and painless process

*Free domain transfer so you can conveniently manage your site and domain from the same place;

*?Compensation for up to 6 months of your contract with your other host so you don’t lose your prepaid time ???
And, you not only get all of the above, you give free hosting months if you use our link. Win-win, boy she pops!

Do it. For me. Your website librarian. I’m cute and cheeky and sweet and stuff. If you don’t need new hosting, share the love and the link.

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