Movie Review: The Advent Calendar (2021)

Letterboxd link 4 stars

This review does contain mild spoilers.

Being disabled and a wheelchair user, I love seeing any horror movie like this. Yes, people are this casually cruel speaking to and about me. I once had a man say to me, “You don’t expect to get almost run over in a Starbucks,” because we went for the napkins at almost the same time, and then loudly repeat it with a “Yeah, you heard me,” when he saw the look on my face. I’m been blessed out about using disabled parking places and accused of faking when people see that I can stand up. This movie got those everyday horrors correct.

Fun with French: I looked up “ne le tette pas”.  Used for “don’t dump it”. Oddly enough, tette is a teat. Which led to se faire téter 

v. 1. be told to get lost ; be told to go away ; be told to make oneself scarce ; be told to fuck off.

As in Tu te fais téter. 

Fuck off with your creepy advent calendar gift. Try a gift card next time.

French with English subtitles

The Advent Calendar at Rotten Tomatoes: 78% at this time

Official trailer, directed by Patrick Ridremont

Available to stream on Amazon

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