Disability mods for the Sims

I use the Sims 4 as a creativity tool (I write in my head while I play) and a stress-reliever on bad flare-up and high pain days. Inspired by the chronically ill trait mod I found, I queried on Reddit about disability additions, and wished for the ability to create a Sim in a wheelchair. And the lovely Redditors came to the rescue with mods!

Master list of disability mods: includes everything from mental illness awareness to neurodiversity items, surgical scars, canes, and hearing aids

Special shout-out for Ehlers-Danlos stability joint tape

Fibromyalgia trait mod

Spoonie/Chronic Illness trait mod

Sims Forums thread on how to build an outdoor wheelchair ramp

Wheelchair pose pack, and another set of wheelchair poses

Wheelchairs, and walkers by the same designer

And finally, Animated basegame rideable wheelchair vehicle–the creator modified the base game’s bike.

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