Dollopween 29: In Sight Podcast: The Jamison Family

Podcast and Podcaster: In Sight Podcast, Ali and Charlie: The Jamison Family (click through for photos and to stream episode)

In Sight explores mysteries, true crime, and forgotten history. In this episode, Ali and Charlie explore the baffling mystery of the Jamison family. Why did they go up to the San Bois mountains? What happened to them after they got there? Were they victims of murder? Accident? A suicide pact? Or is there something supernatural to blame?

Why I chose this one: Ali and Charlie have formed an excellent partnership, and they are quite thorough in their research. Plus, if you are willing to put aside your 21st century skepticism and just listen to this episode and the facts as they lay them out, this case is as weird and eerie as Elisa Lam‘s.

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