Horror in the Sims 4

I don’t believe in saving the best for last: Halloween cupcakes! (oh, yeah, and candy corn)

Celebrate Halloween single and toddler beds–the cutest horror-themed bedspreads and paint jobs

Pumpkin and Jack’o’lantern cookies

Horror posters–set of 14

Set of 12 spooky wall murals

Denton Episcopal Church from Rocky Horror Picture Show

the house from American Horror Story: Roanoke, 900 Sappony Road

a collection of classic horror movie posters

a collection of B-horror movie posters

a collection of horror movie posters in Simlish instead of English

Bloody fingers and arms (applied as a tattoo)

Bloody floor stains

The carpet from The Shining

Framed painting of a werewolf transforming

Little Red Riding Hood adult costume

Halloween tie-dye shirts

Pumpkin spice cookies recipe

Ouija shirt for females with mesh sleeves

Bottles of creepy ingredients

…and an Edgar Allan Poe shirt for your Sims!

My SimSelf wearing the Poe shirt

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