Movie Review: Marrowbone (2017)

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It’s not often after a horror movie that I need a hug. Any takers?

This movie is just lush. In Marrowbone House, there’s the gorgeous color scheme of the palest yellows and greens and browns, with cream. Meanwhile the colors in town are sharp browns and avocado and pumpkin—bright and crisp and tailored.

I want that house—I want to rescue it, and paint it and love on it. I couldn’t stop watching the house while I was watching the movie, and I fully believe that was the director’s intent.

This is not a horror movie for everyone. It is a very slow burn, and character-driven. It is a story and a feeling and a look, rather than jump scares and gore. But it is quite scary and creepy, with real-world frights. It’s a beautifully horrific period piece.

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