Sims 4: Ghosts CC with a possible true crime mystery

Download: Household: Felix and Eve Psyded

I have been quite sick for a goodly portion of March, and found solace in creating custom content (CC) in The Sims 4. One of my favorite new creations is a ghost household:

I created a Sims 4 ghost that may or may not be a murder or accident victim. She’s the first ghost I have ever created, and I had a lot of fun with the limitations of a semi-transparent Sim. I paired her as a household with a modified Felix Psyded, a NPC (Non-Playing Character–you don’t play him unless you deliberately move him into your Sims world) from the Discover University expansion; I added an old-fashioned cane and a thick, silver wedding band (for more mystery) to Felix. Felix is gregarious and outgoing, his Aspiration was Friend of the World; the founder of the University of Britechester, he died from laughter.

Their household is available to download in the EA Gallery under my user name, CarlaCupcakes, and directly as a package with images from Sim File Share. I also uploaded it to ModtheSims, it is pending approval. Let me know if you play with them please by commenting on this blog post or on the Reddit post! I’ll update this post when it’s available to download at MtS as well.

Eve’s eye damage

“Are they brother and sister? Lovers? Spouses? How did Eve get that injury on her right hand and why is her right eye damaged? Is that related to how she died? Why is she so difficult and Felix so gregarious? Paranormal investigators have named her ‘Eve’ as a Biblical joke because her origin is unknown.”

Eve’s arm bandage

When you create a Sim, you choose an Aspiration–what that Sim wants out of life–and three Traits. Eve’s Aspiration is Public Enemy, and under that she is Alluring–attractive troublemaker. Her three Traits are Drama Queen, Lifeless, and Gloomy.

I used items from the following expansion packs: Discover University, Seasons, Spooky Stuff, Holiday Celebration Pack.

And here’s the list of all the modifications I used to create all the creepy effects and splendid clothing and jewelry:

Original Felix:

Knitted tights

Imperfect Teeth

Heterochromia Daydream Eyes

Drama Queen Trait , Lifeless Trait

Diamond Cluster Engagement and Wedding Ring, Flawless Oval Cut Diamond Ring, Art Deco ring

Madam Fur Coat

Peggy Antique Pearl Bracelet right wrist, 1960’s Pearl Bracelet left wrist

Vintage Lingerie

Ball Tipped Antique Cane

Download: Household: Felix and Eve Psyded

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