Movie Review: Audition (1999)

Link to review at Letterboxd: minor spoilers

This movie actually made my eyes water.

Mild bit of amusement: the English subtitles kept misgendering poor Ganji the dog, who was very obviously female, with her huge given-birth-recently nipples.

I did not understand the bit in her apartment during his fall to the carpet. Did he get some mystic psychic connection with her, or did he find out where she lived, and that got all mingled up with other memories in his head with the drug?

Also, the fact that her saying “deeper, deeper” (より深く、より深く) sounds like “kitty, kitty” makes that particular scene even creepier to my Western ear.

The novel, by Ryu Murakami

Movie with English subtitles, unrated on Amazon (I watched it on Shudder)

Movie on Blu-Ray

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Nerdist review, written on 20th anniversary (major spoilers abound)

The audition

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