Movie Review: ‘Salem’s Lot (1979)

Link to Letterboxd review: 41/2 stars

The music is dated and a little overwhelming, and tags it as a television production, but other than that it’s still horrifying. Stephen King understands that it’s people that are low and dangerous and scary better than any other horror author.

Universe: The title is “‘Salem’s Lot’” because, upon its founding, the town was named “Jerusalem’s Lot”. You can read about it in the prequel short story of the same title that begins King’s collection Night Shift. The current series Chapelwaite is based upon it; I don’t have HBO so I haven’t seen it, please let me know what you think if you’re watching it.

It’s related to the Dark Tower series, specifically number 5, Wolves of the Calla. Info about this via Reddit.

This universe has a sequel short story as well: “One For the Road”, also in Night Shift, and there’s a lovely version illustrated by James Hannah.

Note: I remember Bonnie Bedelia’s character from the novel as a emotionally fragile, older virgin—that’s why her father was being so protective of a grown woman, that there was that unusual dynamic of her not having dating much at all plus the whole really small town thing. Am I remembering wrong? It’s time to reread, it’s been too long.

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