Movie Review: Us (2019)

Link to Letterboxd review upon rewatch: 5 stars. Spoilers.

Didn’t notice the first time:

*The police never came. Addie called them on Zora’s phone. This makes the cue of “Fuck the Police” darkly funny. Also, while it is playing, Zora clears the white family’s house like a police officer would, closing each room’s door after checking it.

*This is a horror movie about coveting, and once you see that, it’s everywhere, in almost every scene.

*Addie at the beach: “I have trouble just…talking.” 😯

*Kitty’s tether has a scar from performing her own plastic surgery when she had hers done.

*The Lost Boys reference: “They’re filming a movie down by the carousel.”

*Ophelia is a delightful choice for the Alexa device. Ophelia is a Shakespearean character that knows that family around her has gone mad, she knows all the family secrets, and no one will listen to her…and so she goes mad herself.

Deleted expanded scene that should have remained: During the dance talk on the beach, in the same conversation where Addie says that she’s not good at talking, Addie shared that her ballet 🩰 dance was the pas de deux from The Nutcracker, but she designed it to be a solo. Extra creepy.

Oh, and this is the NIV version of Jeremiah 11:11:

Therefore this is what the Lord says: ‘I will bring on them a disaster they cannot escape. Although they cry out to me, I will not listen to them.

Rabbit, rabbit.

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