Episode 2: Casey Anthony and Bonnie MacNara

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Mothers who killed their young children: one fictional, one frighteningly real, both related.

Book recommendations:

Before the list of true crime books, I must mention this splendid novel, about a father who learns that his son might be a murderer: Defending Jacob, by William Landay


Let me know if you had read or are going to read any of these. I love discussing books! But you know that already. I’ve added all of the above to the Goodreads There Might Be Cupcakes Bookshelf.



The three-part Casey Anthony documentary that ID produced is now available digitally: 5.99 for the set of 3 in HD, 4.99 in SD, and the trailer, if you cannot decide, is a free download.


Remember, if you purchase using my links, or purchase anything by clicking through one of my links first, you help me out a smidge without costing yourself extra–and you make me feel loved. Win-win. Thank you in advance!

Also, if you like my writing, let me know, so I’ll know to read more for you.

And please, don’t forget to listen to the four-parter that moved this episode from the brainstorm list to number 2: True Crime Garage’s project on Casey Anthony, episodes 101-104: available to stream or download on all platforms via Podbean: 101, 102, 103, 104

their official site: truecrimegarage.com. Tell Nic and the Captain Carla sent ya.

Quoted in this episode:

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