So Many Books: You Were Forewarned

bookshelf theme picture
Yes, this is one of my plethora of bookshelves. These are just over my left shoulder as I sit at my antique secretary, at my computer.

Books are my friends and my passion. I love words. I cannot emphasize that enough. When I’m not reading…I’m growing my TBR list (to be read) with one eye always hunting. Hunter-gatherer over here. I say I am a bookdragon–a bookworm is just the pupal stage of a dragon. The key is fireproof books, y’all. Asbestos knitted cover to my Kindle. Always working it out, always working it out.

So, not only will I be linking the books mentioned in each episode in its site entry, as I did in episode 1
and if you buy them, or click through to buy something else at Amazon, you’re keeping the lights on, and making me feel loved and listened to, thank you–
but I have also constructed a There Might Be Cupcakes bookshelf for my Goodreads account.

To it I’m adding not only the book directly mentioned and recommended, but also books on any topic mentioned, or any rabbit hole explored in episode or on site. For example, for episode 1, there is one good book choice for each president seated during the Poes’ lifetimes, and for the two wars as well, and one explaining the history of presidential inauguration. There’s also a book I am quite looking forward to reading on Poe’s Richmond (Raven in the River City, by Christopher P. Semtner).

You can interact with the bookshelf on Goodreads, or keep up with it via feed. On site, it’s up to you: list format, or pretty covers arrangement.
One benefit: it allows you to be nosy and see which ones I’ve read or am reading. Hey, I’m nosy, I admit it. Hence this podcast. There’s a reason one of my literary heroes is Harriet the Spy.

bookshelf for the podcast at Goodreads
feed for podcast’s bookshelf

And feel free to add me as a Goodreads friend while you are there, should you be a site user…(my profile)

bookshelf with covers showing

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