Obituary: Episode 3: Competitive Endurance Tickling

One of The Dollop’s most popular episodes is also one of its earliest–Episode 3: Competitive Endurance Tickling. When it was recorded, David Farrier was on Kickstarter, trying to raise money to film a documentary about David D’Amato, the shadowy figure behind Terri DiSisto behind the homophobic slurs of Jane O’Brien Media–

Wait. Just listen to the episode. I know, I know. It’s dizzying.

Okay, sorta caught up?

Then David Farrier raised enough money, and he and Dylan Reeve filmed, and in doing so found some nefarious shit. I won’t spoil the documentary for you. It is highly recommended viewing–not just by me. It scored at Sundance, and Rotten Tomatoes hugs it and squeezes it and calls it George. (Congrats, you are a member of my clan if you get that pop culture reference.)

Well, on March 13, 2017, the man behind the curtain, David D’Amato, died. And Reeve and Farrier, who have been beleaguered by lawsuits from D’Amato, made the classiest move ever. Seriously, take notes. This is how you go high. They released a statement on their website, which I will quote here in its entirety, because it’s that important and classy:

We are incredibly sad to learn that David P D’Amato, the subject of Tickled, has passed away.

We don’t know any specific details about his death at this time.

David D’Amato has been a part of our lives for around three years now – a very unusual three years – and despite the various lawsuits he brought against us, this news is something that brings us no joy, and has hit us pretty hard.

We mostly knew David through talking to those he had interacted with online over the last 20 years, and people that he had been close to.

We only met him twice; Once in Garden City, and another time when he turned up to a screening of the documentary in Los Angeles. We met a man who came out swinging, so to speak – threatening more lawsuits, while at the same time commenting that he enjoyed certain elements of the film. It seems to us that underneath it all, he did have a certain sense of humor.

It is also clear that he had certain troubles, and those are troubles that we hoped he would come to terms with at some point.

While making Tickled we always thought it was important to portray David D’Amato not just as an online bully, but as a person. That is why the closing minutes of Tickled are so important to us – an insight into D’Amato, the person. Ultimately we’ll never know all the things that made David the man he was. Like all of us, he was complex and complicated.

So we ask you to keep in mind that while David appears to have lived a fairly solitary life, he did have friends and family members. We ask that in comments online, and out there in the real world, you treat this information, and this man’s passing, with respect.

David Farrier & Dylan Reeve

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