Honored by Podchaser!

Podchaser added There Might Be Cupcakes to a big list: 60 Best Podcasts to Discover in November 2021. I am so honored and humbled. I am on there with huge podcasts that I admire, including Stuff You Should Know, Storytelling with Seth Rogen, and…drumroll…History of Horror Uncut with Eli Roth.

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Eli Roth is such an amazing creator in the field of horror, and he knows how to elicit incredible interviews from some of the best. This podcast is a companion to the television show History of Horror, which dedicates an episode to a subject: Haunted Houses, Contagion, Evil Children…the podcast airs uncensored longform interviews from the television show, like a deep dive with Stephen King.

This gave me such a boost and filled my storytelling heart. Please thank them for recognizing me by rating or reviewing my podcast or rating/reviewing individual episodes on Podchaser, or even adding me to your Top 8 Podcasts on your profile, perhaps? (Think back to MySpace :D). Follow me there, and you can get alerts on-site, or email alerts when I upload a new episode. Podchaser is a great search engine for podcasts–you can search by subject–say, if you want to find a true crime podcast covering the Gabby Petito case, for example.

Thank you for all your support, and I love you bunches.

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