Movie Review: Near Dark (1987)

Finally saw this classic dark vampire film. It’s really a vampire western. There’s even a tumbleweed. 🙂

Review from Letterboxd (with minor spoilers):

Young Bill Paxton hurts my heart in the best way.
Lance Henriksen is beautiful and fascinating.

That backlit silhouette scene (you can see it in the highlight on Letterboxd) and the following bar scene are worth the price of admission.

The CGI flames on Homer didn’t age well, but I will forgive. How else can you light up a child?

I love that the word “vampire” is never spoken, nor alluded to, in the entire movie (“bloodsucker”, “creature of the night”, “Dracula “, etc.)

Eric Red, who co-wrote with Kathryn Bigelow, is problematic in the worst way. I wrote about it when I was creating The Dollop Podcast’s website for it, and kept the article, as I did all of them, here. The link to the podcast episode is not there, because they left Libsyn without proper redirects, but my links in my article explain it all:
Eric the Red

I want to read this book analyzing it by Stacey Abbott and published by the British Film Institute.

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